Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who knew??

That just walking would take so much out of me that I'd need a nap after walking from the couch to the kitchen.

Who knew that just getting up off the couch is damn near an Olympic event??

I'm tired. All the time. Cramps, allergies, and heartburn keep me up all night. Or at least until about 2 am. But now that the older ones are back in school(i.e. more work for me), I'm getting up at 5:20. Three hours of decent sleep when you feel about 100 weeks pregnant just doesn't cut it.

And yesterday, which was their first day of school...HOTTEST day here all summer!!! I was in tears in the car waiting to pick them up just because I was so uncomfortable. Can't breathe cuz my nose is screwed from my allergies, can't breathe cuz the air outside was so hot, and my clothes looked like I had gone swimming in them.

Man I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over so I can get back to doing more on this blog than the venting that seems to be all that comes right now.

On a good note(see, there was one) we saw the doc yesterday and she said everything looks good. Going to her office for the NST twice a week, and seeing her every Monday. Only5 appointments to go!!!!

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