Friday, August 22, 2008

And it's official....

I can no longer fit into my shorts.

Only 6 and a half weeks to go.

What's been going on

I know I still haven't gotten the 3D ultrasound pic up yet, but it's coming. Probably getting it into the right room so I can scan it tonight. It's been crazy around here.

We had the baby shower on Sunday, and got some really great stuff, but there's still so much to get and do. So when payday rolled around on Monday, we did some much needed shopping to be a little more ready for the little one when she appears.

I'm now going to the doc once a week and doing the lovely non-stress tests twice a week. After yesterday's, I don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of them. She kicked me so hard the nurses were coming in to find out why I was swearing so much. At least they could only hear cuz they had a little window into the room.

So the last few days have been filled with school for the man, appointments with court officials, putting together pack n plays and diaper genies, and lots of itty bitty laundry so that when she comes we will be ready.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crazy week

The man came back on Tuesday, and it's been drama, drama, drama since then. Getting him and the boys ready for school(he's going back to be a paramedic). Dealing with the demon 20 month old. At least she was better with Daddy back, and I didn't have to be the one watching her all the time, which sure takes some stress off me!

Today is the baby shower!!! I get to leave the house for something other than carting others around!! Woo Hoo!!!

Sorry it's been longer than I thought it would be between posts, but with everything going on, as soon as I sit down at night I'm out cold.

Stay tuned for later today or sometime tomorrow for a 3D ultrasound pic of my little metronome. I say that cuz she'll kick every 3 seconds for like a half hour at a time. Weird!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Apologizing in advance...Hormonal man bashing to follow

So I've been home with the kids while the fiance is off working since the 27th. And while that's not really all that long, it's the longest we've been apart since we moved in together over a year ago.

Add onto that the fact that I can't call him(our cell phones are roaming there), and the only communication I get is when he signs into messenger on the laptop that he brought with him.

Add dealing with his daughter(21 months) every week during what is his normal scheduled visitation. I love her to death, but this week after picking her up on Wednesday, she has had explosive butt syndrome, refused to eat unless she's shoving it in her mouth and choking herself, had screaming fits in the middle of the night, and general just regressing to how she was about 6 months ago. Not sure what's going on at her mom's, but that's a whole 'nuther post.

Add dealing with being just shy of 2 months from my due date and sleeping crappy and not being able to get off my butt to even pee without feeling like I'm carrying all 3 kids strapped to me.

Add taking care of the rest of the house completely by myself when all I want to do is sleep.

And then when I need to vent, the ****** checks his myspace but doesn't bother to contact me. This isn't the first night this has happened. And I realize he's working 13-14 hour days and is exhausted. But to get on the computer, check myspace, then not bother any contact, and then the next day it will be..."sorry I got back and crashed, I was so tired."

Not too tired to load the slow ass laptop to check email and myspace. Just too tired to make sure your daughter is still in one piece and that I haven't completely lost it here.

I'm tired. I'm sad. I need a break.

Where'd all the energy go?

The boys have been gone since Wednesday afternoon. The grandparents took them to the fair and a Trucker's Jamboree up in Dodge county.

You'd think with only one here, even if she's the youngest and requires the most attention, I'd be less tired. Only looking after one, not having to yell at the boys to stop touching each other (trust me, that always ends badly), and getting to enjoy the quiet when she naps, I should have more energy. But I'm tired.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm now due in less than 2 months(WOO HOO!). Maybe it's cuz I sit and think about all that's left to do before the newest family member arrives. Could it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that she kicks me all night and I have to wake up to roll over whenever I become uncomfortable when I'm sleeping. Gee..that migh have some weight!

At any rate, there's lots around here that needs to get done. I'm making a list. The man comes back on Tuesday. If he's lucky he might get a day off before I start him on the stuff I can't do.

Until till then, we'll see if I can manage to get one thing crossed off a day. Even if it's just vacuuming, or the dishes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Like I needed MORE to distract me

I've gone ahead and started to Stumble. Come join the fun. I need some friends on there, I'm all lonely.

Today was orientation day for the 7 year old, as well as picture day. It's nice that the school does this early, instead of taking pictures after a long day of playing and sweating at school. Make-up day is during the school day, but I think his picture turned out well, even if he complained the entire time about his shirt.

Tomorrow we are off to pick up the little one from her mom, and pick up some clothes I found on craigslist for the bump in the belly. Two months and 3 days and counting!!! I will be SO happy when I can sit and be able to slouch again, or not have someone kicking me ALL. DAY. LONG. People ask me all the time if I'm anxious. Not about the delivery, I've been through it twice, and even though she's been a completely different pregnancy than the boys, it should go fairly smoothly. I'm more worried about affording all the stuff she'll need and still being able to pay the bills.

Another thing to look forward to, the fiance will be back in a week. He's been gone since the 27th of July working security for the PGA tour. Of course, him coming home means I have to give up sleeping in the middle of the bed, but it also means I fork the garbage duties back on him! Wooo Hooo!! I hate taking out the garbage!

More later I'm sure...I'm off to StumbleUpon some more sites!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Watching the news while I was making dinner, they did a segment on rising gas prices again. Newscaster didn't know WHY the prices were rising since the price-per-barrel according to him, was about the same. Needless to say, gas here has jumped $.30 in just 2 days.

So while cooking, I checked the gas trackers for our area online, and found it at $3.73. Which was about $.16 cheaper than what all the others were going for.

After dinner, the 7 year old and I jumped into the car(as much as a 7 1/2 month preggo chick can jump) and went to the gas station that was reported as having such low gas prices.

YEAH right. It was $3.99/gallon. So we drove about another 3 miles where I usually can find it the cheapest. Still ended up paying $3.85/gallon, but if it goes up more, at least I shouldn't need gas again this week.

The entire time were are driving around, my lovely 7 year old that questions EVERYTHING states...

"I wish someone that knew what they were doing was running the government."

This was after I tried to explain to him how gas ends up being so high, which is no easy task when half the time you don't understand it yourself. He's only starting 2nd grade, so telling him, well because of this and this and this, our gas prices are so high we can't afford to leave the house half the time.

It was easier to tell him that the people in the government ultimately control what we end up paying for gas. One way or another, it's a pretty accurate statement, and involved the least amount of follow-up questions.

But still...

"I wish someone that knew what they were doing was running the government."

Me too honey, me too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Never had this with my other two...

So lately when the little one starts kicking, I can actually hear a snapping sound. Not all the time, just seems to be when her feet are low. I wonder if she's kicking my pelvic bone or something.

Very strange though. NEVER with my boys did they kick where I actually HEARD it! Ditsy, pregnancy-brained me forgot to mention it to the doctor yesterday, but I think I'll ask the nurse when I call for my Nexium refill. Gotta love those little purple pills, they have been a godsend!! Before they were prescribed, ANY sweets gave me horrible acid-reflux and heartburn. And the doctor wondered why I was LOSING weight!! Give me my sweets!!

Now I still can't have cheese, my insides repel all pizza unless it's frozen, but at least I can enjoy chocolate again!

Many new things are coming to this blog in the next week or so, I was going to make a schedule today, but the day got away with me, what with all the kicking I was fielding in my stomach. I figure, I'm sure not going anywhere this weekend, with all the clothing options I have needing a bra(which I CANNOT tolerate as it feels like it's cutting into my ribs), so I should be able to get things set up so I'm not constantly thinking...hmmm what should I write today? !

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!