Monday, November 17, 2008

Things are slowing down finally...I think!!

A few people know about some court issues we have been dealing with. Until things were over, I didn't want to comment too much online, afraid to jinx it and all.

Our final hearing was on the 12th, where we were awarded sole custody and placement of my fiance's two year old. Her mom has shown less than stellar decision making skills when it comes to taking care of her. This has come after a year long battle of being terrified every time she went back to her mother. Terrified that she would be left to her own devices and not get the proper care a child her age needs. Terrified that she would move yet again and this time not tell us where.

For anyone reading this that is going through a similar situation, documentation is key. Keep track of EVERYTHING!!! This will work in your favor. Also, make sure you follow court orders. We did, she didn't...and needless to say, the courts don't like to be lied to.

Now that court is done, we can start looking to the future, knowing she will be taken care of and loved.

One thing off a list of many....on to the next task!!!

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