Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day of talking to myself...

Ever had one of those days where it feels like the ENTIRE time you talk to your kids, you think all they hear is Klingon? Or some other language they have absolutely NO comprehension of?

That was my day.

We were up early, the fiance is gone for two and a half weeks working security for the PGA tour. So it was 5am wake up calls to get the kids ready before we had to drop him off for the trip. You would think being pregnant and not sleeping for crap lately, getting to bed after midnight, and then getting up at 5ish would be the WORST part of the day. YEAH RIGHT!

No matter what I said, it seemed like it went in one ear and out the other for both my boys. Keep in mind they are 10 and 7, well old enough to know by now that there's no wrestling or running in our house, there's just no way for them to do either without something getting broken.

All I wanted to do was pee. Not that I don't do that 50 million times a day with this little one kicking at my bladder, but still. I'm in the bathroom for 2 seconds and I start hearing the floor shake. I come out to them BOTH whining about some argument revolving around Pokemon.

It's official...I HATE POKEMON!!!

I have heard about almost nothing else since we bought them their Gameboys for Christmas last year.

So even though I KNOW this is gonna come back to bite me in the ass, I took the Gameboys and computer away the next weekend that I have both of them. Which means unless I kick them outside and stick earplugs in my ears, I'm going to hear TONS of whining about being bored and that there's nothing to do.

When I was their ages, I read, played with friends....the few that were around, and generally found something for myself to do. Never did I expect my parents to entertain me, and being an only child, there were times when I couldn't think of anything else to fill the days.

Maybe with some time away from things that we didn't get to grow up with, the boys will see how good they have it??

Off to go hunt down some earplugs and Tylenol....

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