Sunday, July 20, 2008

More about the 11,999 doctor visits

Don't want you all to think I'm dying of some mysterious disease or something. The doctor visits have been due to the latest monkey child (that's what she seems like...all limbs) growing inside me. As well as my lovely thyroid, that loves to over-produce when I'm pregnant.

Not only do I get to see my OB every 2 weeks (only 12 weeks left!!), but I get to see the lab techs every month to draw SEVEN vials of blood(YUCK!), a Maternal Fetal Monitoring office every month to check on the baby because the pills I have to take for my thyroid aren't supposed to be taken in pregnancy so they watch her like a hawk, my regular physician for the thyroid check-up, AND an endocrinologist just to even things out and make sure my general physician knows what she's doing with regards to my whacked out thyroid!

This might not have been so bad, had I not had to switch OB/GYN's in the MIDDLE of my pregnancy! I walk into my appointment in the middle of June and am told that my doctor is moving at the end of July, and that I will need to see the doc that's taking over her patients or choose another doctor. Not TOO big of a deal, as I wasn't really overly fond of my doctor. But when I called to make my appointment with the new doctor, receptionists told me she was QUADRUPLE booked for the next 2 months due to the influx of patients.

WHAT??!! The quack that was leaving told me I had to be seen in 2 weeks and the earliest they had available was sometime in August. I don't THINK so! After much haggling and me informing them that I would see her at any of her locations, we finally got a date that was only 2 days after the 2 week mark. Not too bad.

Until I get a call from her office the afternoon before my appointment. They don't have my chart, and if my chart is not in their office by the time of my appointment, I can't be seen.


Then the LOVELY receptionist tells me that since she's too stupid or lazy to call their other office to see if my chart has been even requested, I'm supposed to do this and then figure out how to get an appointment somewhere if they don't get my chart. Mind you, this is at 4:35pm on the day before my appointment. I call the office I was originally being seen in, thank God they were open until 6, to see if they had forwarded my chart to the doctor I was told I HAD to go see.

The very nice receptionist there informed me she's never heard of a patient having to request the file being sent, the doctor should have filled out the form right after my last visit. The chart was still there, and lo and behold, it takes at LEAST 24 hours for their carrier to get it to the new place.

Needless to say, I did not have my appointment the next day. I did however have an appointment the following week with a lovely doctor in a COMPLETELY different medical group. Dealing with that fiasco turned me off to dealing with that group of clinics altogether.

The fact that we are STILL waiting after 3 weeks for my records to be sent from the other clinic is a post for another day...

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