Friday, January 16, 2009

Things at the ole' homestead

So, I mentioned that there will be new things brewing here at the homestead. I went ahead and bought my domain yesterday. Now it's trying to figure out how to get it to do what I want it to. I have limited technical skills, so this blog will stay here for the time being while I work out all the quirks and kinks of the new site.

Eventually, this blog will be found at But for now, I'll still be plodding along here.

Other fronts, Miss Abigail is teething at 3 months, trying to talk (which is HILARIOUS!), and trying her hand at rolling over. Now if she could only get her head and legs to work together, she'd be well on her way to getting moving!

And, like everyone else I seem to run into lately, we are feeling the pinch of the economy. The Man's job is barely existing, finding other work is a joke in this part of town, and taxes can't come fast enough. Little things like, oh, RENT and bills are taking over. On top of that, we REALLY need another car. Preferably one that fits us all in it. That's originally what taxes were going to be used for, well that and getting the baby her crib. Rent seems to be taking precedence over the vehicle. Unfortunately, that means carting people around and not being able to pick kids and the Man up when the really need it. Conflicting schedules are kicking my ass. That and the fact that at three months, Abby still refuses to enjoy a car ride.

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