Saturday, August 2, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Watching the news while I was making dinner, they did a segment on rising gas prices again. Newscaster didn't know WHY the prices were rising since the price-per-barrel according to him, was about the same. Needless to say, gas here has jumped $.30 in just 2 days.

So while cooking, I checked the gas trackers for our area online, and found it at $3.73. Which was about $.16 cheaper than what all the others were going for.

After dinner, the 7 year old and I jumped into the car(as much as a 7 1/2 month preggo chick can jump) and went to the gas station that was reported as having such low gas prices.

YEAH right. It was $3.99/gallon. So we drove about another 3 miles where I usually can find it the cheapest. Still ended up paying $3.85/gallon, but if it goes up more, at least I shouldn't need gas again this week.

The entire time were are driving around, my lovely 7 year old that questions EVERYTHING states...

"I wish someone that knew what they were doing was running the government."

This was after I tried to explain to him how gas ends up being so high, which is no easy task when half the time you don't understand it yourself. He's only starting 2nd grade, so telling him, well because of this and this and this, our gas prices are so high we can't afford to leave the house half the time.

It was easier to tell him that the people in the government ultimately control what we end up paying for gas. One way or another, it's a pretty accurate statement, and involved the least amount of follow-up questions.

But still...

"I wish someone that knew what they were doing was running the government."

Me too honey, me too.

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