Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where'd all the energy go?

The boys have been gone since Wednesday afternoon. The grandparents took them to the fair and a Trucker's Jamboree up in Dodge county.

You'd think with only one here, even if she's the youngest and requires the most attention, I'd be less tired. Only looking after one, not having to yell at the boys to stop touching each other (trust me, that always ends badly), and getting to enjoy the quiet when she naps, I should have more energy. But I'm tired.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm now due in less than 2 months(WOO HOO!). Maybe it's cuz I sit and think about all that's left to do before the newest family member arrives. Could it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that she kicks me all night and I have to wake up to roll over whenever I become uncomfortable when I'm sleeping. Gee..that migh have some weight!

At any rate, there's lots around here that needs to get done. I'm making a list. The man comes back on Tuesday. If he's lucky he might get a day off before I start him on the stuff I can't do.

Until till then, we'll see if I can manage to get one thing crossed off a day. Even if it's just vacuuming, or the dishes.

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